Wednesday, April 22, 2015

Christian Retreat Counselling centers for children in Kerala

'Remember your Creator in the days of your youth, before the days of trouble come and the years approach when you will say, "I find no pleasure in them"(Ecclesiastes 12:1),

The days of childhood and youth are indeed the very best time period in one's life span. But most of the people will understand and realize it it only when when they have crossed that period in their lives.

It is for the parents to direct their children towards their creator Who is ever loving and ever compassionate.

In today's dark world, there are many gadgets and apps which are used by satan as a tool to mislead and separate God's children from HIM. Even the internet has a lot of hidden danger to trap the young ones and ruin their precious lives.

In this situation, only God can protect and save the kids and youth from destruction. Hence the parents must try to send their children for God centered Renewal seminars, Retreats, Psychological and spiritual counselling and personality development programs during holidays and when ever there is time and opportunity.

There are many proven and Spirit-filled Catholic Christian Retreat and renewal centers in Kerala. Most of these centers hold special training classes and work shops for children and youth now and then. But the institution that is established and operated exclusively for children and youth is Christeen at Kottayam. This retreat and training center founded by Lay Missionary P V Marykutty is conducting regular spiritual retreats, training, counselling services etc exclusively for the children and youth.

Shalom Evangelism Team directed by Lay Missionary Bro Benny Punnathara conducts periodical Bible conventions and seminars exclusively for youth. It is also a great opportunity for the youth to refresh and renew their relationship with their Heavenly Master.

Most of the Catholic Christian Retreat and Renewal Centers hold periodical special programs for the children and youth. Please check with them for more details. 

The list of Popular Christian Retreat and Counselling Centres in Kerala are given in another post. Please find it here: